Business Continuity

Premium solutions for unexpected events.

You can relax, we take care of everything.

Sometimes, running a business means being confronted to unexpected events that can destabilize your growth. If your company’s physical offices are hit with a technical issue or a natural disaster, you need a reliable plan to keep everything going.

Our Business Continuity solution helps you get back on your feet, within 24 hours. We make sure there is no loss of time, and you are able to continue to work and take the necessary decisions as we deliver a solution.

The Welkin & Meraki team stays by your side, and we design your workspace recovery plan with you every step of the way:

We set up phone lines, corporate IT processes, ultra-fast Wi-Fi and ensure your team feels and remains engaged the whole time by helping you communicate with them effectively.

When your office is down, we make sure your business isn’t.

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