WELKIN & meraki

by industrious

Premium Flexible Office Space

Our mission

Premium workplaces, at every level

Welkin & Meraki is dedicated to making the most of our workdays. We aim to transform the way people work by providing the best possible platform for anyone to thrive professionally.

At the heart of our business is a belief that a healthy work environment is essential to a healthy business. Our promise is that by working side by side, we will grow together. The commitment we make to our guests every day is to always offer state-of-the-art services, amenities, and care in our workspaces.

Our inspiration

Premises where talents flourish

The Welkin & Meraki by Industrious adventure starts with a name. Originating in old English, Welkin refers to the firmament, the sky or heaven, a celestial shelter representing peacefulness and wealth. On the other side is Meraki, a Greek word meaning to act with love, passion and creativity. Their combination is an invitation to go on a soulful journey, both a poetic and a pragmatic one.

We have imagined a new type of flexible workplace, a living space where you feel at home whether you are with us for an hour, a month, or years. Starting with a location in Brussels, we are now also established in Eindhoven and Paris. Welkin & Meraki has grown to become an international brand thanks to our association with the Industrious group, and we’re looking towards a future beyond borders.

Our expertise and savoir-faire have enabled us to develop office spaces that meet the most challenging business expectations.

Welkin & Meraki by Industrious’ unique vision and corporate approach not only allow our network to grow, but also attract many successful and talent-conscious companies.

Industrious is the US based group with the highest member satisfaction score on the flexible workspace market. Industrious shares Welkin & Meraki’s philosophy of dedication to high quality service and engagement. Recognized as one of America’s fastest growing companies in 2020 by Inc. Magazine, Industrious is a global network of private offices and suites established in more than 165 locations worldwide.

Team & Partners

Growing a community

Who we choose to work with is central to our quality of life at work. When it comes to team members, Welkin & Meraki chooses to associate with inspiring, challenging, and motivating personalities.

One of our main objectives is to attract talents who share our values of integrity, solidarity and elegance. Our team members work together with respect and honesty. They are our most valuable asset.

We also made the choice to contribute to a better world. Our suppliers and partners are chosen based on their sustainable and responsible values. At Welkin & Meraki, our equipment, materials, and services are mindful of the world around us and developed sustainably. 

To create such a harmonious atmosphere, we collaborate with Belgian architect Benoit Viaene on all our locations. He is recognised for his premium and natural designs, always prioritising physical, mental and visual comfort. Benoit Viaene uses the highest quality materials and furniture. His designs are mindful of our impact on the environment.

Making sure that our team and members are eating healthy “brain food” that encourages efficiency and productivity, the Michelin star chef Benoît Dewitte created a tailored menu for us.
Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, he imagined a concept exclusively designed for The White, Welkin & Meraki’s very own restaurants.

Making a difference with our exclusives services