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When kitchen table is not the right solution anymore: Welkin & Meraki launches “Focus office” for homeworkers a few days per month

The coronavirus crisis is changing almost every aspect of our lives, but perhaps none more than the way we work. It accelerated the shift to flexible working and provided hard evidence of how work can be done differently – and successfully. That is why Welkin & Meraki, the leader of premium flexible offices spaces, launches an innovative new line of offering: the Focus Office.

The first package dedicated to everyone who’s looking for a quiet area to work once a week, or only when they need, without any risks.


Alain Brossé, founder and CEO of Welkin & Meraki: “Remote working is here to stay but we notice a need in people to find quiet and professional areas, when they need, with all necessary amenities and safety measures to work. Rethinking the office as we know is our duty. Our priority remains to offer innovating and flexible offices solutions adapted to our world evolution. It is central to sustaining people wherever they can work.”

Rethinking office spaces, a new challenge for companies

Whether out of fear or obligation, working from home became the norm from the beginning of the epidemic. It offers a feeling of comfort and freedom. This solution allows the most worried people to ensure their protection and avoid the risk of overcrowding the workspace.

However, testimonies show that this environment is not always synonymous with effectiveness. Being in a quiet place allowing concentration is not always possible. Human contact takes a back seat. Being constantly in the same environment with the same people can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. For all those who work from home, the amenities, concentration and calm become absolute priorities in order to contribute to the continuity of their responsibilities, tasks and business.

The first office offer adapted to our times

Welkin & Meraki, the leader in premium flexible offices spaces, has taken these concerns into account, launching their new “Focus Office” to give homeworkers the solution they need for their own wellbeing

Their objective is to allow employees to enjoy a quiet and safe place a few days a month.

The package includes two possibilities:

  • A Focus Office Silver offer offering five coworking days a month, and half a day in meeting room, only for 100€/month*
  • A Focus Office Gold offer that offers ten coworking days per month and two half-days in meeting room, only for 175 euros/month*

We want to offer employees and companies a real flexible solution adapted to the current world evolution”, concludes Alain Brossé. “As we rethink the office, this provides an opportunity to consider what we want our workplaces to look like – and how they might become more inclusive, safer and focused on employee’s wellbeing. Crucially, we can do this while making spaces where work is organized more efficiently. This could be a once in a generation moment to make these positive changes.

*All in fully secured coworking spaces. Services such as water, fair-trade coffee, tea and high speed secured and redundant internet are included.

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