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La Défense

Posted 15/02/2023

Industrious is an international company with headquarters in the US operating in the corporate real estate sector (Premium Workspaces provider). Today we are developing our European footprint under the brand names Industrious and Welkin & Meraki. With 9 locations in France, Belgium, Holland, and England our development strategy is to growth fast in these and other European countries.

Job information

Paris La Défense


You are probably the most important person in our Industrious / Welkin and Meraki locations.

The reason is you welcome our guests and visitors in a welcoming, smiling manner as you may expect in a Five star Hotel. A meeting with you is refreshing in kindness, hospitality and helpfulness.

This is, and nothing less, what we – and you – stand for.

As the key part of a Industrious/ Welkin & Meraki Hospitality and welcoming team, you are responsible for providing a high-end service to our guests and visitors. Ensuring their experience visiting our building is a lasting one. Next to the welcoming area in our location we also service our guests with barista made coffee, tea or water, the best there is, because that is what and how we do things.

In the day to day management of our locations, you have a substantial role in managing meeting rooms bookings, secretarial services, and much more, in short, making sure the demands of our guests and visitors are rapidly and accurately met.

We expect that you will deliver a high quality service standard to our clients with a smile and that your voice is a colorful one on the phone. You make people smile because you made their day.

As you are a key person in our Welcoming and Hospitality team, you work together with the Operation Manager of the location. Important that you also provide support in running the Industrious/Welkin & Meraki location on a day-to-day basis, delivering these highest standards of customer service and achievement of budgeted targets.

Individual criteria

You have a heart for hospitality!

Main tasks

Welcoming Reception tasks among which:

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