Business continuity or Workspace recovery

Business Continuity, keep your business going when you are hit by a calamity

Don’t let one disaster lead to another one. Even the best running business can be hit by an unexpected event. it is crucial to ensure you are prepared with your business continuity or workspace recovery service plan. Your building may be down, let make sure you and your business are not.

  • Business Continuity and Workplace recovery solution needed?: Call our international number= +352 2 030 1488
  • Your office maybe down: Lets make sure you and your business are not.
Being struck by an unexpected event activates imediately you plan

Well prepared and flawless. Keep your business going.

And getting back on track is much faster than you would think. We are prepared for your unexpected event.
Lets us help you set-up your business recovery and business continuity plan.
We know from experience you need 3 tier-levels of action to get your office and company back in business.
Let us help you define what you need compliant to your demands.

Tier 1 - Lets get your vital team and decision making unit online

This is typically the 1% of your company.
Ensure you have 24/7 this crucial office available.
Including telephones, your corporate IT processes respected and online.
Available immediately. 24/7/376, always.

Tier 2 - Lets get your crucial team in and at work

This is typically the next 20% of your company.
The HR departent, the CEO office, CFO team as some examples.
They need to be running in no time
Available within 24 hours. Fully up and running

Tier 3 - Lets communicate to the rest of your team and lets get them creating value

This is typically the rest of the company.
Your sales team being on the road etc.
Important to get them in from time to time to communicate and ensure they feel and remain engaged.

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