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Finding and keeping talent is becoming a real challenge for every company. Today’s workforce of ‘digital natives’ and millennials is motivated by a huge range of different needs and values and, by extension, different visions of their workplace.

It is in your interest to give your employees the best workplace possible. Inspiring, flexible office spaces and meeting rooms that spark their energy and allow them to feel at the top of their game as they perform for your company.

Welkin and Meraki has a team of specialists in scouting, design, build and maintenance ready to tailor your corporate solution. We can design a space for your company in one our locations or design, build and manage your space in your own building. We are completely flexible and dedicated to providing the most relevant tailor-made solution for your needs.

Our customised solutions are fast, flexible and fully serviced and equipped.

  • In our locations: Your corporate designed space
  • In your building: We design, build and manage a tailor-made solution
  • More info: Call +352 20 30 14 88
At your - very personal - service


Why waste time taking care of chores, while you can work at Welkin and Meraki? Have someone else take care of them for you. At Welkin and Meraki, we offer:

Our team

Our team of specialists in Scouting, Design, Build and Maintenance tailor your corporate solution.


Whether you need your space in our locations or you want us to design your building, we are fully flexible in providing the tailor-made solution for your needs.


Fast, flexible, fully serviced and fully furbished.


1 price per month, all included.

All other


Private office lounge

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Your own desk

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Business address

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Member Coworking

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