Flexible workspaces for multiple employees

Hybrid Office - 100€ per person

The Covid19 pandemic has further increased the need for flexibility in large companies and multinationals. Do your employees alternate between teleworking and being in the office? Some are there every day, others not? What do you do when you have 100 employees, but a real need for 50 workstations each day? How do you know who comes into the office on Monday and who will be there on Wednesday?

Our hybrid offices allow you to rent 50 offices, but have access for 100 employees. Flexible and transparent!

Simply add hybrid badges to your private office space. For €100/month per person, you can increase your office capacity by 200%. Each employee has 24/7 access.

– Rent only the offices you need for the people based in the office.

– Add access badges for all your employees who use offices from time to time.

– With our application your employees can reserve available office space when they need it.

– Monitor your occupancy rate and adapt your office space accordingly.

– Thanks to our App, you know: who is there and who is not.

– Need more workspace? Rent an ad hoc coworking space or private daily access. This way, on busy days, your staff can work and meet in a professional manner, even if your office space is full.

  • Fully flexible access : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Book your office with our application and: access your workspace.
  • If no office is available, book : Coworking daily access or a private office.
  • Know on a daily basis : the occupation of your private areas.
  • Provide a workspace that meets company standards: to all your employees.
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Why waste time taking care of chores, while you can work at Welkin and Meraki? Have someone else take care of them for you. At Welkin and Meraki, we offer the following services:

Your private space

Secure, spacious, elegant and comfortable. A place of tranquillity and serenity for greater efficiency.

Free drinks

Specialty Grade arabica coffee, organic tea's and herbal water are complimentary


Corporate redundant, secured and ultra high speed internet included.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Business Continuity, keep your business going when you are hit by a calamity

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Enterprise: completely compliant to your corporate image and protocols

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A meeting room as from 2 people

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Your day office as from 35€ for a half day

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Your Virtual office for 99€ per month

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Your Private Office

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