Your professional and prestigeous registered office

Your Virtual office for 99€ per month

Mounting your company or moving into another country isn’t always easy. It’s a period of insecurity and of adapting to new regulations or situations.
Therefore we, at Welkin & Meraki, believe that having a registered prestigeous address is a basic. But not the total deal.
We as a company, in this phase of your existance, we want to help you getting the basics right.
Helping you ensuring you have all the chances to succeed.
So we provide you, complimentary, what is actually important, next to your address, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Our prestigeous address as your registered office: at 99€ per month
  • Telephones service: Included, complimentary(set-up fees apply)
  • Mail handling service: Included, complimentary
At your premium service

our services for your comfort

Why waste time taking care of chores, while you can work at Welkin and Meraki? Have someone else take care of them for you. At Welkin and Meraki, we offer the following services:


We answer all your incoming professional calls for you according to your requirements, the messages and transfer these compliant to your requests (Set-up fees apply).

Address & mail

Our location as your prestigeous registered address for your company. We receive your mail and packages and transfer these compliant to your request or keep them until your next visit.


Free access to our professional events

All other

products and services

Business Continuity, keep your business going when you are hit by a calamity

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Enterprise: completely compliant to your corporate image and protocols

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A meeting room as from 2 people

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Your day office as from 35€ for a half day

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Corporate coworking

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Your Shared Office

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Your Private Office

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Hybrid Office - 100€ per person

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