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Flexible workspaces for multiple employees

Hybrid Office - 100€ per person

The Covid19 pandemic has increased the need for flexibility in large companies and multinationals.

Do your employees alternate between teleworking and being in the office? Some are there every day, others not?

We have the solution for you! With our hybrid office, you can now rent 50 offices, but have access for 100 employees. Flexible and transparent!

  • Add the hybrid office to your private office space.
  • Increase your office capacity by 200%.
  • Give your employees 24/7 access to your premium offices.
  • Hybrid office (added to a private workstation): 100€ per month per person.
  • Increase your capacity to accommodate your employees: without increasing your surface area.
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Corporate private office space for rent

Your Private Office

Your premium flexible private office suite for 1 to 100 persons. From 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or longer. Work in a our corporate standard serviced office with 24/7 access to all community spaces and your own secured private office suite.

  • A dedicated, fully premium furnished and equipped private office lounge with the number of workstations you require.
  • Complimentary great specialty grade coffee, organic tea and herbal waters included.
  • Lightning-speed secured Internet, Corporate standard.
  • Access to all our relevant professional events.
  • Mail and telephone service included and complimentary.
  • 20 euros print credit included per month per person.
  • Gym free access (when available).
  • Your private corporate serviced office: as from €400 per month per workstation.
  • "Hybrid Access" service, multiple access badges per workstation: available on request. Price per location.
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Feel at home in your Shared Office Space

Your Shared Office

Rent your shared workstation with us. We have everything you need to be efficient immediately. Feel home in your personal and private desk in our secured shared office space.

  • A dedicated, fully-equipped private desk
  • In our exclusive secured shared office space
  • Corporate standard redundant, secured and ultra high speed internet
  • 27/7 access to your private desk, during weekdays and weekends and free access to all our other locations during working hours.
  • Free Access to all our relevant events, meeting cubicles and phone booths
  • Gym Free access (when available)
  • Your own privated desk in our secured shared office space: As from 350€ per month.
  • "Hybrid Access" : Multiple access badges to the same workstation. This service is reserved for a company with a private workplace in the business centre wishing to provide one or more workstations to its employees (not at the same time): Available on request, price per location.
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Become a coworking member

Corporate coworking

Are you looking for an office for rent to use occasionally, regularly, only in the evenings and weekends, or every day? If so, take a look at our range of tailored membership offerings.

  • A desk in our corporate community coworking office
  • Great coffee, organic tea and herbal water included
  • Lightning-speed secured Internet
  • A general telephone number for your company (set-up fees apply)
  • Access to all our relevant events
  • Resident coworking member: As from 199€ per month
  • Access to your home location: 24/7, day and night, week days and weekends.
  • Access to all locations in the world: complimentary, during working hours
  • Secured and safe: Badge control access and highly secured
  • WiFi: ultrafast, redundant and secured
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Your professional and prestigeous registered office

Your Virtual office for 99€ per month

You may not need an office space yet, but you require the best professional services to respond to your registered office requirements. Why not use our virtual office services?

  • A general telephone number for your company (set-up fees apply)
  • We answer all incoming calls for you according to your requirements
  • We receive and transfer messages as you wish
  • You can use our address as a registered address for your business
  • We hold your mail until your next visit
  • Our locations as your professional business address: 99€ per month
  • Your mail and telephone handling service: Included and complimentary (set-up fees apply)
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Rent your day office or workspace per hour, half a day or by the day

Your day office as from 35€ for a half day

Would you like to rent an office for a day or just for a few hours? If you're in the neighbourhood or visiting one of our guests, why not stay for the whole day? And if you'd like to hotdesk, you're welcome to use our corporate coworking lounge as your office.

  • A workstation in our corporate coworking lounge or in your private office suite
  • Specialty Grade arabica coffee, organic tea's and herbal water are included
  • Corporate redundant, secured and Ultra high speed Internet
  • Receive guests in one of our inspiring meeting rooms
  • Enjoy a complimentary breakfast, afternoon treats or lunch
  • Welcome in all our locations worldwide: During office hours
  • Premium furbished and furnished offices: In an executive, 2 person- or team setup
  • In your corporate business environment: Including reception and telephone service
  • Rent a meeting room for your meetings: as from 25€ per hour for 4 people
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Rent a corporate meeting room by the hour

A meeting room as from 2 people

Your meeting request needs to deliver results

  • For any request, a premium meeting room, training room, board Room, data-room, auditorium, conference room or for your event space requirement, we have it.
  • Fully eqquipped with high-end material, 65' to 105' presentation screens, flipcharts, sound, 'Barco Clickshare', spider phone, videoconferecing available
  • Keep your participants sharp with our specially concepted brainfood catering by 1*Michelin chef - and voted 1 of the top 100 chefs in the world - Benoit Dewitte: as from 15€ per package per person
  • Break out rooms and outdoor terrace available: on request available
  • Pre-meeting, post-meeting or break outdoor activities: Our team are happy to facilitate and organise these activities for you (Segway, Treasure hunts, City walks, Escape-Room etc)
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Design your own flexible corporate headquarters office solution

Enterprise: completely compliant to your corporate image and protocols

Give your employees the best workplace there is, and maintain the highest corporate security and access controll levels.
100% your corporate image.

Our team of specialists in Scouting, Design, Build, Manage and Maintenance tailor your corporate solution. Whether you need your corporate designed space in our locations or you need us to design, build and manage your space in your building or even a new location. We are fully flexible in providing the tailor-made solution for your needs!

  • Your corporate secured and designed space in our locations
  • You want us to source, design, build, manage and maintain your space in our, in your or in a new building or location.
  • Our solution: Fast, flexible, fully serviced and fully furbished.
  • Price: 1 price per month, all included and save upto 15% on your total facility cost
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Business continuity or Workspace recovery

Business Continuity, keep your business going when you are hit by a calamity

Whenever a business is struck by an unexpected event and the company is not prepared there is a lot of chaos, loss of time in decision making, issing alignment in taking the (right) actions and even in quite some cases despair. To enable companies to be prepared for these events and to ensure the company is up and running we have a specialist process in place to help you to be on your feet again within 24 hours.

  • We design your workplace recovery plan with you, every step of the way and deliver the plan within no time of you get struck by such event
  • We ensure your team is happy with the new office and they have all the things they need to properly do their jobs
  • Guaranteed Space: When you are struck, we are ready to host you, 100%
  • Immediate Recovery: We keep your business going.
  • Absolute Flexibility: for 1 to 100 people or more, for any term
  • Corporate office space: Corporate quality offices, up and running, with the highest standards already in place
  • Up within 24 hours and for as long as you need it: Fast and flexible, your office is down, but your business is not
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