More White Wolves for Welkin and Meraki


To all the white wolves out there, we have work for you!
Each day, a little bit more, it seems that Welkin and Meraki is somewhat further away from reality. Which surprises me, to be honest. It’s not that I’m blind for the things we all read in the newspapers, or what we hear on the radio of the few TV News broadcasts I see. But to be honest, I somehow do not ‘feel’ that we are on the same track with the rest of the world right now.

Don’t get me wrong! I totally get it when we see that the world is turning sideways, that major political issues as migration, mobility etc are being managed in a non structural manner (and this is not a political statement). Where stand-still is maybe the goal of some. The economy isn’t doing bad but the people aren’t really feeling it yet I believe.

I’m not lying when I tell you that I do not recognize the things I see in Welkin and Meraki. And believe me, I’m a realist! It’s really true that the momentum, energy, dynamics are extremely high at Welkin and Meraki and the teamwork between all our great people is amazing. We are getting so much ground covered in so little time. Just because of the sum of all our motivations. Next to the fact that our staff have hit the ground running, all of us, we are in Flow. Our intrinsic motivation is driving us to build and to grow. Not just for the sake of building and growing, but because it really feels like the right thing for all of us to do. I’m so lucky to be able to work with such an amazing team of extraordinary people.

You know or you don’t but actually, Welkin and Meraki is the fastest growing 5 star serviced office operator in the world, ever. Opening 200 locations in 10 years time (of course we’ll go faster). And before the first location opens in September in Brussels, we already have 5 locations signed in 4 countries, almost 25.000m2. All opening in the weeks to come.

You can imagine that we are very busy, having lots of fun building these locations. And even our sales performance pre-opening runs like a kitten. And thus, as you read, we are writing successes every single day. Even when we are not really open yet. So nevertheless the content of the second paragraph in this blog, I like to emphasize on the great momentum and our incredible team in the first, third and fourth paragraph. With a clear question. Please take it seriously.

We are sharing this success, because sharing is multiplying.

To be able to open these beautiful locations and to grow from these first 5 locations to the 200 locations we strive for, we are looking for young wolves. If you know any, let us know! We love to meet great people with different talent! Like sales (what else is new?), hospitality, operations, finance, marketing and many more. With your heavenly smile and your refreshing welcoming you put a capital H on Hospitality, because this is what we do. In every line of the business, we all, really all of us, take the best care of our guests.

And because White Wolves are not White Crows, you need to have some basic skills to be able to apply. A great level of English, French and your local language are important. You have passed higher education and are highly motivated.

We offer you an unlimited opportunity to grow in our fast growing company, a wide variety of trainings compliant to your line of business, great coaching and an honest remuneration. Last but not lease there are substantial result driven perks.

Your action gets an immediate reaction

So are you, or do you know someone, boy or girl or in the middle with talent, who is fresh, fruity and sporty, simply breathes hospitality, is humorous, fun and honest and has a vivid social life, please do let us know. Send us your or the persons CV together with a sparkling email to:

Our first reaction will be that you play 3 games on your smartphone and send me the results (how fun is that!). After these resuls are known, we would be happy to have a personal conversation! Feeling up for it? Do have a look and enjoy your surf on

We operate the best serviced office space there is. So whatever you have done in the passed, if this is your calling? Then tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.

Looking forward to your emails,

We recruite great people for Sales and Operations in and for our buildings:

  • Brussels EU Avenue des Arts (NL/FR/ENG)
  • Brussels EU The One (NL/FR/ENG)
  • Eindhoven Central Station (NL/ENG)
  • Paris (location will be disclosed soon) (FR/ENG)
  • London (location will be disclosed soon) (FR/ENG)

We are recruiting for our Luxembourg Headquarters:

  • Junior Social Media Marketeer – (NL/FR/ENG)
  • Accounts Payable/Receiveble member – (NL/FR/ENG)

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