At Welkin & Meraki, we are committed to an ethical work environment, sustainable office design and a high quality of service, allowing the people we work with to focus on what they do best.

Because your comfort and well-being are our priorities, our mission will evolve as the research and knowledge at our disposal progress.

Ethical work

Our workplaces encourage peace of mind and focus. Going beyond the basic need for security and hygiene, the equipment we provide contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of our entire community.

Our members and our team

– The multiple communal spaces and restaurants on our sites help to build a strong community. They also offer the possibility to be more independent for the ones seeking calm.

– Welkin & Meraki encourages internal promotions and long-term collaborations, as they are an integral part of the community.

Responsible buildings

– The La Défense workspace in Paris lives within the Trinity Tour: an office building at the forefront of sustainable and sustainable technologies. The Trinity tower scored the highest ratings for the HQE certification.

– Our Parisian Etoile offices are part of the Seizame building, another office space with a dual environmental certification.

  • HQE Exceptional and BREEAM Excellent certifications for both sites.

Office spaces for everyone

– All our locations are accessible to the differently-abled.

– Our recruitment policy encourages inclusion and offers individuals the opportunity to work in an environment that matches their abilities regardless of believes, ethnicity or background.


– All our spaces are thoroughly cleaned by specialised companies.

– Every common area including kitchens, toilets, lounges and coworking spaces are checked and cleaned twice a day.

The ethical requirement

– Ethics is about making a commitment with one’s heart, engaging one’s morale principles. At Welkin & Meraki, we believe a demanding work ethic to be about kindness, solidarity and boundless respect. We are naturally extremely careful when it comes to discrimination or harassment within our spaces. We implement an ethical drive to all that we do and this applies to both our team and our clients, reinforcing the communal spirit and a fair environment.


– Our reception teams tailor welcomes to each guest and thus ensures every visitor is logged.

– Access to office spaces is exclusive to each client and 100% secure. Our certified PKI access system meets the most rigorous criteria (NATO, European Commission).

– Wi-Fi is the highest quality, with a redundant and hyper-secure structure.

office design

At Welkin & Meraki, a holistic approach to sustainability is at the heart of our design and development for new locations. Materials, sounds and lights are all interdependent and work together, embodying our values.

Sustainable iroko wood

– The Iroko tree thrives in the sunlight and grows in sustainably managed forests. The wood is treated at 400 degrees Celsius in order for our furniture to last longer.

Natural paints and floor coating

– All our workspaces are coated and painted with materials carefully chosen for the absence of any volatile
organic compounds (VOC) in their fabrication.

  • Our microporous floor coating is CE approved.
  • The waxed concrete we use is specifically conceived by sustainable product formulation experts.

Natural fibre carpeting

– Office space carpeting is 100% made of sisal, a plant-based natural fibre.

  • Anti-fire standard ISO 11925-2 / EN ISO 9239-1.

Warm lighting

– When working with screens, eye comfort is essential. That is why we have selected warm and soft lighting (between 2700 and 3000K) to prevent eye fatigue and the harmful effects of blue light.

  • AFNOR X 35-103 and 1665 standard warm light bulbs recommended by the French Lighting Association (AFE).

Lowered sound levels

– Saint-Gobin windows were carefully chosen for their ability to lower sound levels, favouring focus.
A maximum of 39 decibels with 12mm thick glass ensures significantly reduced sound nuisance.

  • The acoustic lab at the Saint-Gobin research centre is COFRAC accredited with NF EN 140-41, 140-3
    and EN ISO 717 standards

Non-toxic leather

– The leather on our tables was picked because of its non-toxicity.
  • Veritas certified: ISO 17234-1 / EN 14362-3 (textil) / ISO 172334-2 (leather) / ISO 17072-2 (leather equipment) standards.

driven services

Offering high quality services and maintaining our clients’ and team’s well-being while taking into account our planet’s limited resources is a challenge. We have created a virtuous ecosystem at the heart of this paradox, with partners and suppliers sharing Welkin & Meraki’s ethical and demanding objectives.

Eco-friendly office supplies

– All our meeting rooms are equipped with recycled paper, recyclable notepads and paperboards.

– The provided pens are made out of biodegradable materials.

– The ink used for our notepads is organic and harmless to the environment.

Efficient recycling

– Recycling and waste sorting are available at all of our locations, and waste is locally collected.

– In partnership with Derichebourg Environment, unused construction materials are also taken care of to be recycled.

Healthy lifestyle

– Numerous outdoor spaces are a priority on all our sites, favouring togetherness and enabling members to take
a breath of fresh air.

– All our restaurants’ menus have been developed by Michelin star chef Benoît Dewitte. They are carefully crafted
to provide energy with healthy dishes from locally sourced ingredients. This is day-long brain food.

Meaningful partnerships: water and coffee supplies

– We use water fountains which filters the water directly on site. Both still and sparkling water is available, preventing the use of plastic and CO2 emissions associated with transporting bottles. We chose to partner with the MADE BLUE Foundation specifically because their work guarantees access to drinking water in arid regions of the world. Thus far, Welkin & Meraki is responsible for 12 889 150 litres of clean water being donated to people living in developing countries.

– Our coffee blends are hand crafted and fair trade, ensuring fair wages and sustainable means of production.

Welkin & Meraki is committed to transforming the quality of work life sustainably around the world – today, and for generations to come. We are engaged towards this ambitious goal at the heart of our premium concept: to be an active player for a better future.