Frequently Asked Questions

All of your questions about our memberships, offices, locations, and everything else, answered.

Which benefits are included in a Welkin & Meraki membership?

Your office is equipped with internet via a wired and/or wireless network connection. We also offer private IP addresses, rack space and other technical products and services that you may require.
Please contact the Welkin & Meraki IT team for further information and any additional fees that may result from those requests.

Shared and Private Offices include carefully chosen desks, chairs and filing cabinets (1 cabinet / 2 pax).

There is at least one multi-function copier/scanner/printer on every Welkin & Meraki floor. 120 black and white and 20 color copies or printouts per workstation and per month are included in the service fee for Shared and Private Offices (equivalent of 20 euro excl. VAT).

Premium welcoming services, lounge areas, an espresso bar and a bar, The White restaurant (depending on the location), meeting rooms, private gym, and much more.
Every Welkin & Meraki location offers an inspiring mix of amenities.

Welkin & Meraki is a vibrant community of leading professionals and innovative entrepreneurs. Meet likeminded and talented people and companies during our monthly events!

Welkin & Meraki has access to premium pricing deals from our partners in IT, software, construction, and business services.
For any further information, please enquire about the different partner deals at your location’s reception.

Enjoy our Welkin & Meraki fair trade signature roast coffee and our organic tea selection!
Those are complimentary with your monthly service fee and are located in self-service kitchens on each floor.

What are our workplace solutions offering?

Granting you access to our digital members network, events, services, and our community space 24/7 in your primary location. The ideal service for professionals who need a flexible workspace and are not bound to office hours.
You have 24/7 access to your primary location with your badge or your phone and access to all other Welkin & Meraki locations during working hours (complimentary up to 5 days a month). You can always add more services, with an additional fee. With mail handling included and a phone answering service based on your personal telephone number, you are quickly up and running as a professional business. We provide you with a secured locker to ensure you can leave documents in your office and by providing this, you can register our location as your professional address.

Having your own dedicated desk in a shared, or a private office space. You share the office with other members, but have your own dedicated desk in this space. The space is secured, you can leave your personal belongings. You have 24/7 access to your desk and access to all other Welkin & Meraki locations during working hours (complimentary up to 5 days a month).

This solution gives you access to our digital members network, events, services, and our community spaces. The ideal service for professionals who need a personal space to work.
The membership grants you access to your primary location with your badge or your phone. You can always add more services, with an additional fee.

A private office suite, fully secured, furbished, and furnished. You can flexibly grow the number of workstations or offices as your needs evolve.
Granting you access to our digital members network, events, services, and our community spaces. The ideal solution for companies in need of a private workspace, every day.
The membership grants you access to your primary location with your badge or your phone and access to all other Welkin & Meraki locations during working hours (during 5 days a month for free). You can always add more services with an additional fee.

Based on the new EU legislation, we need to collect several legal documents from all our members. We also need to identify all UBO’s with a 25% or more ownership in your company. These documents are checked every year, and may be occasionally verified by official instances – or when in doubt of the accuracy of the documents.

These documents should be shared with us within the first 30 days of moving in or using our services. Not sharing these documents is considered a contract breach on your side, and thus the contract can be claimed in its total amount.

The documents required for each company are:

1/ Dully signed service agreement
2/ Copies of the ID cards of the signers and legal representatives of the company signing the agreement
3/ Latest versions of the company minutes which clearly indicate the legal representatives power and identify the shareholders of the company
4/ The dully and correctly completed UBO/KYC document for the company including the copies of the ID of all UBO’s who hold 25% or higher stakes in the company
5/ Copy of the registration at the Chamber of Commerce

Do all memberships start on the first day of each month?

All our memberships begin the day of enrollment and are invoiced monthly. Our memberships may start any day of the month, but always end on the last calendar day of the month of which they are supposed to end.

Of course, you can always renew your membership for the same duration as the initial membership period. Our memberships are automatically renewed for your comfort if you have not terminated your service agreement in due time (article 5.b. of the Terms & Conditions of your service agreement will inform you on the applicable termination periods).

If the last calendar day of the month is on a weekend, or on a bank/public holiday, we ask our members to vacate their office on the last Regular Business Day before the end of the month on which the membership ends.

How long are the contracts at Welkin & Meraki?

We provide flexible agreement terms to all our members.

You can have an agreement for a workspace or a meeting room for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year or longer, for 1 to 100 people or more. Our average contract term is 24 months, but you are free to agree to a membership for as long as you want.
We provide longer agreements to a lot of our members who need stability for their business and for their staff. You can for example have a service agreement for offices for 9 years, or even longer.

If i want to book an office space but can only start using it in over 30 days, what happens?

If you would like to request a later start date, you can contact the sales managers for the Welkin & Meraki location you chose. They will be able to assist you so you can find the right office, at the right time.

What are the opening hours of Welkin & Meraki Locations?

All our staff members are working from 9AM until 6PM (local time) on Regular Business Days. Regular Business Days are all weekdays, except any local bank/public holidays and up to three other days a year of which the members will be informed in advance.
However, in many locations you will find our staff much earlier and later than the Regular Business Hours. We also manage the reception for our buildings and the working hours are determined by all tenants.

Our coworking and office members can access the building with their phone or badge outside the Regular Business Hours.

Can i stop by and visit the location or should i make an appointment for a tour?

Guided tours should be scheduled by an appointment. This is very easy to do by using our website, our mobile app or by phone with our free service numbers mentioned on the website. By doing so, we can ensure you have our full attention! Our goal is to find the ideal workspace for you.

Can i bring my dog with me at the office? What is your pet policy?

Our pet policy depends on the location. Please ask the Sales Manager about the policy of the building you want to enquire for.

If you want to bring your pet (dog or cat) in a building where it is allowed, you are personally and fully responsible for any damage they may cause to our location or other members’ property. Every pet (dog or cat) brought to our Welkin & Meraki locations needs to be vaccinated.

Our pet policy is subject to change.

What is the average surface area for a Welkin & Meraki office?

Every single office at a Welkin & Meraki location has a unique design and fluctuates in size. The size of the space differs from location to location.

Every office provides more than enough space to host any team comfortably and provides your employees with a spacious workplace. Book a tour at the location of your choice to come and see for yourself!

Do you provide phone services (calls, messages, transfers)?

Yes, we do. We provide this service for all our office members, and as a standalone business service “Telephone Answering”. If you require this service and you are not a member yet, you can find out more about it on our website: Our Business Address Services.

How does printing/copying work at Welkin & Meraki?

120 black and white and 20 color copies or printouts per workstation are included in our Shared and Private Offices memberships (equivalent of 20 euro excl. VAT). Once you have used these free copies and printouts, you can still print or copy, but at an additional cost per copy. Free copies and printouts cannot be carried over the next month.

Can i have several email addresses added for a single account?

No, we cannot support more than one email address per account. You would need to take another account to use a different address.

How can i make a reservation for a workspace or meeting room?

You can make a reservation for a meeting room or workspace by using our mobile app or through our website. You only need to select your desired location, the number of people attending, a start date and you are done.
We have a first come, first served policy. As such, it is important to book your meeting rooms and workspace on time to secure their availability.
We can also of course make this reservation for you at the reception of your Welkin & Meraki location.

How big are your meeting rooms?

The size of the meeting rooms can vary from location to location. We offer meeting rooms ranging from 4 to 30 people.

What is a day office?

A day office gives you access to a dedicated work environment in a shared community space where you can work next to our other Welkin & Meraki members. You have sufficient space to put your laptop and to work comfortably with access to a power socket and ultra-high speed secured Wi-Fi. You also have access to all our amenities, which can differ from location to location.

I have booked a workspace or meeting room in the wrong location, can i change it?

You can change any reservation up to 24 hours before the planned reservation by using the Welkin & Meraki mobile app or our website. Small changes can be made until 60 minutes before the reservation.

I have just booked a meeting room, how can i register my guests?

You can register your guests by using the mobile app or by using the member portal on our website. You can register up to as many guests as you want, depending on the capacity of the meeting room you booked, including yourself.

Can i invite guests in my workspace?

Yes, you can invite guests for short meetings or a visit. You need to register these guests by using the Welkin & Meraki app.
As a member, you can invite up to 2 guests per day, a complimentary option with your included services.

I’m ready to become a member, how do i pay for my membership?

Once you have signed your service agreement, we will ask for a credit card warranty. Your card will only be charged if you select a credit card as your means of payment. In all other instances, your credit card only warrants the booking until your first invoice is paid.

Once you have signed your service agreement and you have entered a valid credit card, you will receive an email with your invoice and your booking confirmation. You are required to pay the invoice within 8 days.

You will be granted access to your office or membership from the moment you have signed the service agreement and have paid the first invoice from your bank account.

Do i need to pay installation fees or a service warranty before i can use my membership or access my office?

Yes. Welkin & Meraki requires a signed service agreement and the payment of the first invoice before granting access to our services. Depending on the country, Welkin & Meraki will charge a Service Retainer Fee equaling 3-month service fee on which we do not charge VAT and 1-month Service fee accumulated with VAT.

For all locations worldwide we charge an installation fee of 100,00€ (or the local equivalent) per desk when you have a service agreement for an office (shared and/or private office members).

NB: Welkin & Meraki can charge an extra amount of deposit for tailormade solutions, for private office suites or when the monthly expenses of the member is exceeding the Service Retainer Fee.

Can i move to another Welkin & Meraki location?

Yes, you can. It is subject to availability, but we will do everything we can to facilitate your move!

The space i have chosen has become too small for my company – Do you have space for larger teams?

Yes, we do, we even have our Enterprise team specifically managing our requests for large teams.
You can have access to full floors or even full buildings. We provide space for 1 to 100 people, or more, and for 1 to 9 years, or longer.

Does Welkin & Meraki charge late payment fees?

In the event of non-payment on the due date of the invoice, a lump-sum compensation will be due in proportion of 10% of the invoice amount (minimum 50,00€ per invoice) and an interest rate of 1% per month will be charged. This is applicable for payments we haven’t received by the 10th day of the month.

How can i update my payment details?

You can update your payment details anytime on the Welkin and Meraki app or update your settings by using the member portal on our website.

My membership is inactive! Can i reactivate it?

Yes please, we would love to have you back! Contact us and we will do all the necessary procedures for you.