Welkin & Meraki: Sustainable, high-end offices


Once a dream, now a reality

The awareness around environmental issues has grown since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Individuals and companies are more concerned about the planet than ever. Many leaders are now looking for flexible offices mindful of the environment. Welkin & Meraki is a premium business hub giving priority to a great work environment, sustainable office design, and quality services, so that everyone has access to a healthy, fulfilling, and success driven workspace. In order to achieve this, Welkin & Meraki has made a number of strong commitments, such as reducing their carbon footprint and energy consumption, using quality and sustainable materials, as well as sustainable office supplies, and implementing an effective recycling plan.

Sustainable Office Design

« When it comes to our design and the development of new locations, Welkin & Meraki has a holistic approach to sustainability. Materials, sounds and lights are all interdependent and work together, embodying our values. », Alain Brossé, founder at Welkin & Meraki, explains.

  • For furniture, we chose Iroko wood, which grows inside sustainably managed forests. This certification guaranties a sustainable management and the respect of environmental, social and economic benefits of the forest.
  • Office space carpeting is 100% made of a plant-based natural fiber (anti-fire standard ISO 11925-2 / EN ISO 9239-1).
  • The tables and desks are covered with non-toxic leather, verified by Veritas (ISO 17234-1 / EN 14362-3 (textile) / ISO 172334-2 (leather) / ISO 17072-2).
  • Natural paint and floor coatings, free of Volatile organic Compounds (VOC).
  • On lighting, we chose warm and soft lights (between 2700 and 3000k), to prevent eye fatigue and the harmful effects of blue light.
  • Regarding sound, Saint-Gobin windows were carefully chosen for their ability to lower sound levels, favoring focus (with a maximum of 39 decibels).

Ethical work environment

« Our workplaces encourage peace of mind and focus. Going beyond the basic need for security and hygiene, the equipment we provide contributes to the physical and psychological wellbeing of our entire community. », Alain Brossé continues.

  • When looking for new locations, we are always on the hunt for buildings that meet current ecological and energy standards. The La Défense workspace in Paris lives within the Trinity Tower: an office building at the forefront of sustainable and ecological technologies, including bio-climatic facades, green spaces, and energy savings in all aspects. The Trinity tower scored the highest ratings for the HQE certification. Our Parisian Etoile offices are part of the Seizame building, another office space with a dual environmental certification: use of solar thermic energy, participating in the improvement of air quality, reduction of the energy consumption.
  • Office spaces for everyone: all our locations are accessible for the differently-abled. Our recruitment policy also encourages inclusion and offers individuals the opportunity to work in an environment that matches their abilities regardless of believes, ethnicity or background.
  • Finally, security is central to Welkin & Meraki: each guest is logged, our KPI access system is certified, our Wi-Fi complies with the highest international norms.

Community driven services

« Offering high quality services and maintaining our clients’ and team’s wellbeing while taking into account our planet’s limited resources is a challenge. We have created a virtuous ecosystem at the heart of this paradox, with partners and suppliers sharing Welkin & Meraki’s ethical and demanding objectives.», Alain Brossé explains.  

  • All Welkin & Meraki offices are equipped with eco-friendly supplies: ecycled paper, recyclable notepads and paperboards, biodegradable pens, organic ink, etc.
  • An efficient recycling system: waste is sorted and recycled, and locally collected. Moreover, Derichebourg Environnement takes care of unused construction materials, to be recycled.
  • Finally, water is also essential to Welkin & Meraki’s sustainable approach. For example, we use water fountains to avoid plastics and CO2 emissions. Welkin & Meraki chose to associate with the MADE BLUE Foundation, because their work guarantees access to drinking water in arid regions of the world. Thus far, we are responsible for 12 889 150 liters of clean water donations.

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