What is a collaborative workspace?


The digitalisation of many professions means that today’s working people are much more mobile in the way they work. Collaborative workspaces accompany this digital upheaval by offering workplaces open to all: freelancers, employees, start-ups… but also, and increasingly, to large companies and groups.


A collaborative workspace – also known as a coworking space – is an office space shared by several individuals. They do not have to be from the same company or the same professional sector. Collaborative workspaces have all the characteristics of a “normal” company except that they accommodate different types of people who do not belong to the same company. These spaces have offices, meeting rooms, video conferencing areas, business lounges, and of course a very good wifi connection!

Access is subject to a fee and several options and services are offered: by the hour, by the day, by the month…

The advantages of collaborative spaces

A financial advantage for business leaders

With the health crisis, coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular. Although collaborative workspaces were originally designed to enable the self-employed to meet up, access to these spaces has become much more widespread. Companies are now adapting their way of working and are becoming more agile. Thus, it is no longer only the self-employed, but also corporate companies as well as start-ups that use this service.

Indeed, it is much more advantageous for companies to use coworking spaces than to rent offices with conventional leases. This represents a major financial advantage for all types of companies: as employees no longer have to be physically present every day, offices are no longer necessary and the cost savings are therefore significant for companies. (The most expensive office is the one that is unoccupied!)

A place for both the self-employed and employees

Coworking spaces are also very good alternatives for employees who are tired of teleworking and want to find a working environment that encourages social interaction.

Coworking often encourages productivity. Exchanges, meetings with other professions and the possibility of creating partnerships are all factors that help to develop new ideas and expand one’s professional network.

State-of-the-art equipment

These spaces offer fully-equipped workplaces with the latest high-performance office and computer equipment. Everything is designed to provide you with optimal working conditions. At Welkin & Meraki, a range of services allows you to customise your experience according to your real needs.

Coworking with Welkin & Meraki

Welkin & Meraki offers premium services and office space in some of the world’s most important business districts.

The exclusive concept, developed by architect Benoît Viaene, incorporates all the highest international standards. Redundant and secure Wifi, controlled access, 2700 Kelvin lighting, fine furniture, unlimited coffee, tea and water. By using our services you can benefit from

Private offices, or shared offices, fully equipped with 24/7 access. Our administrative and concierge services can handle your mail, calls and any other business needs you may have.

With Welkin & Meraki, you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as having your company registered at our address or access to our other coworking spaces around the world.

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