Why using coworking ?


Are you working from home and feeling isolated? Entrepreneurial boredom is waiting for you! Beware, it may be time to think about changing your organisation and adopting new practices. The solution? Premium Coworking at Welkin & Meraki! Discover how this way of working can benefit you: professionalism, meetings spaces, comfort, well-being and conviviality.

Building a professional workspace

Being self-employed can quickly lead to organisational chaos! Do you find it difficult to separate your personal life from your professional activity? Coworking is the ideal solution for adopting new working methods and avoiding the constraints of being alone at home.

By choosing coworking, your company can benefit from a premium professional office and your environment provides you with the highest working standards. You can also welcome your clients / partners, in private offices and organise your meetings in professional fully equipped meeting rooms.

Networking in coworking spaces

Coworking also helps to expand your network: you can talk to many of the entrepreneurs you meet. Take advantage of the variety of professional sectors in which each person works! By pooling your contacts, you multiply the opportunities to find new customers, new suppliers and new partners.

Coworking spaces are stimulating and allow mutual support. There is nothing like it to break the isolation and become more productive. The positive effects of this type of organisation are well known today: collaborative workspaces are efficient and generate business opportunities.

Coworking to benefit from professional equipment

Sharing infrastructure inevitably reduces your costs.By choosing coworking, you will be working in premium spaces specially designed to optimise your professional days: ergonomic workstations, equipment to the highest international standards, including fully secure redundant WIFI, adapted lighting, and carefully designed acoustics. So you don’t have to worry about technical problems and maintenance.

You can also benefit from the many administrative secretarial services offered to you: management of your mail or telephone calls, for example.

It is an environment where all areas, right down to the car park, are secure for your comfort and peace of mind!

Enjoying an environment that promotes well-being

At Welkin & Meraki, your well-being is our main concern! We are constantly striving to improve your working conditions by creating new, flexible offices. Quiet and comfortable spaces await you for maximum concentration, creativity and productivity.

The Premium Coworking spaces must be welcoming: the common rooms, pleasant and friendly, invite you to relax. They encourage informal exchanges for breaks between colleagues or meetings.

Becoming a Premium Coworker with us means adopting a different vision of work! By joining a Premium Coworking space, you will appreciate their flexibility and comfort. You will also have the feeling of belonging to a community that will open doors for you. With its constant efficiency and warm atmosphere, coworking will seem indispensable once you’ve tried it!

Contact us for a quote. We are present in major cities such as Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels and Eindhoven.

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