Welkin & Meraki
Premium Flexible Office Space


Make you grow – Work is not just about staying busy or making money. It’s about creating your own happiness. Building your legacy by leaving something of yourself in your work. And it is about growth. That’s what Welkin and Meraki stands for. Offering network spaces where you can work and network. Not just with anybody, but with relevant people that help you and your business grow. In a 5-star atmosphere, designed with every detail in mind, to inspire and encourage you. Please come in, grab a coffee, get connected and grow your business!

Our story

When our Founder Alain Brossé started in 2017, he wanted to create the most relevant place to work. With you in mind he developed the highest levels of service, IT, security and hospitality. The goal is taking the utmost best care of you and facilitate you with the most relevant people for you to meet to grow your business. Nothing more, nothing less. Next to the fact that we are probably the most beautiful place to work. Because it matters to your growth.

We improve relevancy so you can build legacy!

Our team

We cherish every single member of our team, they are the most valuable asset we have. Investing constantly in their development and enabling them to achieve their wildest dreams creates these great dynamics and energy levels which are so typical for our Welkin and Meraki locations. We take care of each other, our mutual cultures and our values.

Join us!

Our partners

All our partners are simply the best there is to find in every single aspect of the business! Belgian master Benoit Viaene is in our beliefs the most brilliant architect to develop our interior concept. Our chef Benoit Dewitte is a 1-star Michelin awarded chef who has developed our catering concept.

From the green specialty grade coffee bean, we buy and develop to the best coffee there is, to our personal tailored services by our famous tailor who dresses the royal family of Jordany and many of the most famous CEOs in the world. Our partners are specialists in every single “métier” as it is a real art to be the best in what you do!

Our values

Inspired – Your growth inspires us to be the most relevant to you as we can. Because the bigger picture is helping you build your legacy as we are building ours.

Reliable – Redundantly using only the fastest, secured and most stabile technology and by only working with the market leading specialists on every single aspect of our service.

Relevant – Our deep learning and self learning algorithm is programmed to search only the most relevant people for you to meet. We improve our relevancy 24 hours a day, every day, so you can meet these people whenever you want to.

Supportive – We are with you, every step of the way, in every situation, whenever you need us.

Grateful – We are grateful about each other, for our guests, members, our staff and everyone involved in making you succesfull. We do not take this for granted but cherish and build this value for the long term.

Authentic – Loyal to you, our brand, our values and our service levels. We succeed when we are perfectly imperfect as we are humans, working every very hard to achieve our mutual goals. In an honest, respectful and transparent manner.