Welkin & Meraki
Premium Flexible Office Space

Who we are

Our mission: helping you grow – Working is more than just earning money. It should also be a driver of happines. Something where share passion, drive and where you can leave a mark. Something where you even can leave a part of yourself. Somekind of legacy. It should make you grow as a company, but for sure also as a person. And these are the values we, Welkin & Meraki, stand for. Providing you with premium flexible office space where you can achieve all of this. Working not just anywhere or with anyone. Working with likeminded corporate people, where you get work done in an inspiring atmosphere. We provide you a premium place to work, with an eye for details, inspiring and motivating you to achieve what is important to you.

Founded in 2018 by Alain Brossé, Welkin & Meraki is the first premium business centre offering flexible workplaces with a distinct eye for quality and well-being for an hour, a day or for years. Alain wanted to create the perfect corporate workplace, with your needs in mind. He developped a unique concept aligned with the highest ‘corporate standard’.
That’s why our name is not so easy, but so meaningful. Welkin, the firmament, the celestial sphere, Meraki the creativity and passion for action. These two terms, originating in English and Greek, are an undertaking, a program, an invitation both poetic and pragmatic.
On a daily base, we permanently enhance our services to remain a partner of choice for all our customers. Already awarded best corporate workspace in many of the cities and countries we operate in, we focus on providing a high-quality standard to help you maintaining and attracting your best talents and new high potentials.
Welkin & Meraki is already present in Brussels, Eindhoven, Luxembourg and Paris and Welkin & Meraki will soon arrive in other major capitals cities.

Our Team & Values

We cherish every single team members. They are our most valuable asset. Investing in their continuous development and providing them the chances to make their dreams come true. This is for sure part of the secret why are team is so powerfull, dynamic, energzing and flexible to respond to your needs in each of our Welkin & Meraki locations. We respect eachother and take care of eachother, beyond culture, religion, preference and values.

Join our team!

The atmosphere at Welkin & Meraki is like nowhere else. Our guests share spaces discreetly: respectful of one another and the needs for privacy. People meet, form relationships, do business, without disturbing the calm and serenity of those who wish to retain their privacy and quietness. This unique atmosphere is the result of our behavior and come from our team shared values.

At Welkin & Meraki: We work with INTEGRITY / We behave with PASSION / We believe in EXCELLENCE / We are INSPIRED / Between us we are SUPPORTIVE

These values promote passion, creativity and excellence across the whole Welkin & Meraki community.

Our Partners & Engagements

We know that today, it is no longer possible to seek excellence alone.
That’s why we have sought the best possible partnerships, to meet the high level of requirements our customers deserved. Our partners have been selected because they are the best in their line of business.

Benoit Dewitte – 1 star Michelin chef, has been also awarded 1 of the top 100 chefs in the world. For Welkin & Meraki, he has developed a unique concept food, based on the needs for woman and men working all day long, named “Brainfood”. Today we offer to our clientele, an exclusive food at The WHITE restaurant, for a healthy and delicious meal, whatever the time during working hours.
Book now your next lunch: http://www.thewhite-restaurant.com/

Benoit Viaene – is one of the 10 Belgian Masters Architect. He is recognized for his premium and natural creations, having always the habitant’s well-being in mind. Searching for the perfect imperfection.

Because we are engaged for a better world for our clients and our team, we have selected the best products with a clear conscientiousness of our environment impact.

Our Coffee and Tea: We buy exclusive grade coffee beans, fair-trade, for a high-quality coffee. Our Tea and herb-teas are organic, because we want our guests to have the best cup of coffee or tea, to start the day at work. Whatever we do, we lift the quality of the product or service we provide, as our mission is to take great care of you, very seriously.

A Water Story: We know how water is precious for Human-Beings and for the Planet.
Instead of serving water that has been bottled in a one-way plastic bottle, made in a factory far-far-away, we decided to use glass bottles Made Blue Water locally sourced at all of our locations.
Making use of compact and sustainable equipment to filter, cool and carbonate tap water, we ensure our guests enjoy premium water

That’s why we are supporting the “Made Blue” Foundation in providing access to clean water for all. Not just by simply donating money. At Welkin & Meraki locations we serve you sustainable and impactful water.

Next to this, for every Welkin & Meraki location, Made Blue Foundation makes one million litres of clean water available in developing countries, year after year . For every location, this provides over a thousand children living in developing countries with plenty of water at school, for drinking and washing. And it does not stop there. Thanks to work with Made Blue, we save about 14,11 tons of CO2 with each of our locations: on the one hand thanks to the fact we do plastic bottles, no transport and recycling of these bottles, but also thanks to providing direct access to clean water in developping countries, without the need to boil water on (wood) stoves.

For more information: visit MadeBlue