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Why management should consider top quality and comfort

The more academic attention the so-called “happy worker, productive worker” gains, the more the consensus grows: when someone is happy at work, he or she will be of more value to the company. In all the research on the topic, scientists find that happiness at work positively influences productivity, employee engagement, retention and overall satisfaction.

But what exactly makes workers happy? There are of course obvious elements, such as the range of duties and job responsibilities, the salary package that comes with it and the appreciation from colleagues and superiors. But it’s important to take into account the actual environment in which the work takes place. The Economist recently published an article on this, highlighting research that addresses the influence of physical office environments towards employees.

Employees who are more satisfied with the physical environment, the research states, are more likely to produce better work outcomes. Elements such as water quality, temperature, noise reduction, access to plants and windows, all appear to have an influence on how happy someone feels at work. Another key aspect of workplace contribution to employee behaviour, appears to be the layout of the office space.

The extra mile

The Economistconcludes that “creative workers need nice surroundings.” We agree with this, but we believe in going the extra mile. To us, not only the obvious elements stated above determine the attractiveness of a working environment. Quality and comfort are equally important to us. To literally quote the researchers: “A comfortable working environment is important to enable employees to focus and do their job perfectly.” They also advise that “quality (…) should be considered by the top management of organizations.” Extreme attention to comfort and quality is what makes the difference between 3- or 4-star work environments, which are “nice”,and a 5-star work environment. As we wrote before: all of these environments are wanted and needed, with no judgement in any way.

Knowing that serviced offices – more commonly called “coworking spaces” – are becoming increasingly popular in today’s professional world, it is important to take everything we know about happiness at work into account for serviced offices too. We expect serviced offices to become even more popular in the near future, until they reach some 40 percent of the yearly office take-up. That’s because they help satisfy flexibility needs, which become more prominent as more and more (post-)millennials enter the job market. And just as in traditional office spaces, you will also need 3- or 4-star and 5-star serviced offices.

5-star serviced offices

It is our core belief that 5-star serviced offices providers should aim for nothing less than the best. This is why we took the time at Welkin andMeraki to determine which essential pillars help create a flexible executive office that best serves corporate guests.

First of all, we believe in creating wellbeing through an exclusive coffee blend, based on the best worldwide aromas. At lunch, nutrition needs should be met with excellent meals at an affordable price. These are two of our quality pillars, which we believe should be paired with three comfort pillars: excellent Wi-Fi, multifunctional desks with a leather finish, and office lighting with luminosity and a pleasant light colour – read: warm lights with lower lux-rates.

Management considering top quality and comfort are welcome at Welkin and Meraki. Because employee wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.